Ch Majeed facing public resentment from people of Burjun Chakswari

PM AJK Ch Majeed  is facing the public resentment from people of Burjun over the issue of making false promise with people. They have started the campaign to unveil the weakness of Ch Majeed his son Qasim Majeed and poor performance, particularly failure to provide jobs to local people.

PPP Voters from Burjun, Chakwari ,including Ch Jameel, Muhammad Khursheed, Idrees and many others gave a statement to media persons that during 2011 General Election Ch Majeed and his leadership make false promise to gain our votes, after they came in Power did nothing for poor people of Burjun village. They said now people of Burjun or sick of Ch Majeed and his leadership.

They told media that those who gave bribe to Qasim Majeed son of Ch Abdul Majeed are awarded with jobs while poor despite of being highly educated are jobless. Even lands of poor people being grabbed by PPP workers.

In Ch Majeed Term his party workers installed “Chooungi” on different points of LA2 Chakswari to make money from transporters in form of Transport Tax forcibly.

PM Ch Majeed disappointed poor workers of PPP, Now Burjun PPP workers have decided not to vote PPP in upcoming AJK Elections 2016. During last 5 years of PPP Government PPP workers humiliated badly in Burjun.

This time we will vote only if promised are fulfilled prior to elections.

One thought on “Ch Majeed facing public resentment from people of Burjun Chakswari

  1. what about all monies abroad like UK and US etc. if not declared and then found out all money belongs to state.
    How much tax has been paid?
    How much is 3000 kanals worth. always family land?
    still say life style is above means.

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