Abdul Majeed talks to journalist about PPP role in 2016 elections

PM Azad Kashmir Abdul Majeed said that Government of AJK, the base camp of the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir, is testament of the martyred. We will not let their deaths be in vain. The government of PPP has been working for the betterment of the locals. Their vision too is too serve the people of Azad Kashmir and safeguard their rights.

In 2011 PPP was elected and worked hard to fulfill its promises. In the past 4.5 years PPP has made much progress and completed many development projects in AK. Their activities are a testament of their word and and government in the past 66 years has not being able to do half as a good job as PPP has done.

In the 2016 elections the PPP once again turns to the public to make the right choice and reelect them as their representative. PPP is a visionary party and works very hard to make those visions come true. We pursue the dream of Gari Khuda Baksh and follow in his footsteps. We see us making AK what Gari Khuda Baksh wanted it to I 2016 elections PPP will once again clean sweep and will stand the undisputed winner.

Majeed further asserted the power of PPP by saying that no one will be able to overrun us. We are stronger then the Himalayan mountains. AK is an integral part of Pakistan. The people of AK have never once hesitated laying down their life in the name of their country. The people who come from occupied Kashmir to Azad Kashmir we will not let them be termed “refugees” They are Pakistani citizens as much as you and I are. The government has housed more than 35000 refugees.

It is no doubt that PPP has led AK into an era of advancement and development. The many mega projects completed in AK bring it in line it other provinces of Pakistan. But only elections will show how satisfied the people are with PPP governance.

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