Sub Inspector Raja Muneem Khan dies in a suicide bomb attack

Quetta terrorist attack took the life of sub inspector Raja Muneem Khan of Bhimber. His funeral prayer was said in Dana Baroh and later he was buried in his hometown graveyard in Bhimber while the police paid salute to the deceased.

Raja Muneem Khan was the son of Muhammad Fazil and brother of Raja Naeem Khan. All community members are deeply grieved at the loss of such an honest, hardworking officer. They take pride in his bravery, dedication to his field and proclaim him to be martyred. They claim that terrorist can never defeat us or bring our spirits down.

Raja Muneem Khan was resident of Samahni Valley and was employed in police force as sub inspector. He died while he was on work outside the “Ansad Polio” when a suicide bomber took his and surrounding people’s lives. His subsequent funeral prayer was attended by distinguished people like Raja Muhammad Raziq Khan, former MLA Raja Maqsood Ahmed Khan, Raja Khusnood Azeem Ahmed Khan, Ch Wahid Akram, DSP Bhimber Raja Ameen, Assistant Commissioner Samahni Ch Muhammad Rasib, Raja Zafar Iqbal, Inspector Raja Qayum, journalist Raja Muneer Khan, Amjad Aziz and many others.
The father of demised addressed the gathered people thanking them for sharing their grief.

He said that being in Pakistan Army he had participated in many battles, but was not granted martyrdom. His son is very lucky that he was honored by the grace of Allah Almighty martyrdom. Terrorist are like parasites in our society sucking peace and joy out of it. We hope we can destroy them for once and for all before they kill each and every one of our sons, daughters, fathers, brothers etc.

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