Electricity department robbing the people by adding extra units in bill

Bhimber: Electric department is looting the nation by charging extra bill from them. Meter readers instead of taking readings on a regular basis, add units in the bills on their own and are bothering the users by charging thousands of extra rupees from them. People demanded the electric department to take some action against dishonest meter readers.

According to information, poor users who usually use 200 to 300 units of electricity are charged for 600 to 1000 units of electricity because of the dishonesty of meter readers. It is getting difficult for the users who earn very little money to pay these huge bills. Citizens and shop owners requested the electric department to do something for this matter. Meter readers are corrupting and robbing them. They do not take regular readings instead add extra units on their own sitting in their houses and offices.

Authorities are not even doing anything to control this because they themselves are involved in it. People have demanded the authorities of electricity department to take notice against this corruption and dishonesty and don’t let their money get wasted like this.

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