Barrister Sultan Mehmood Declared his Assets

As per 2011 Election Commission reports, AJK former primer and President of PTI AJK Barrister Sultan Mehmood owns a an ancestor House and 3000 Kanals of land in Chechian village. 1 Commercial Plaza in Rawalpindi. 4 Plots in Baheria Town. 2 Plots in Jammu Kashmir Housing Society Islamabad.

2 Vehicles in personal use and 1 in family use. 1 tractor and his own insurance policy. While his monthly income in 1,60,000/- Rupees (1 Lack from Commercial Plaza and 60K salary as a MLA he receives from Government.)

While his Bank Balance is 80 Lac Rupees.

One thought on “Ch Majeed facing public resentment from people of Burjun Chakswari

  1. what about all monies abroad like UK and US etc. if not declared and then found out all money belongs to state.
    How much tax has been paid?
    How much is 3000 kanals worth. always family land?
    still say life style is above means.

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