Kashmiri Liberal Party leader, Qayyum Raja’s advice to Nation

Khuiratta: Kashmiri Liberal Party leader, Qayyum Raja who spent 22 years of punishment in UK advised his nation that they don’t let corrupt leaders and politicians of Pakistan and Kashmir spend their money earned with hard work, on them. These politicians have corrupted in each and everything that they could reach.

He said that institutes that have been made for the nation’s betterment, these politicians have made them their business. They smuggle the beauty of the country like mountains, minerals and forests and earn money from it. They have not left any field in the country which is corruption free. Education system is terrible, health department instead of treating the patients, make them sicker.

Politicians use nation’s money and taxes to get their own treatments from foreign countries. They spent nation’s money for their tours around the world. A government employee does not get fully paid after a month because of corruption. Bribery has become a part and trend of this society. He requested the nation to stop supporting these corrupt politicians and gather the community for good causes and for finding solutions for resolving the issue of Kashmir together.

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