Chief Secretary AJK ordered to Collect Vehicles from AJK Ministers

Chief Secretary AJK ordered to collect government vehicles from Ministers, Advisers and discretionary posts officers and park them in Block 11 or Chather Basement in a custody until new Cabinet if formed.

According to a notification released by Services and General Department on Friday, Chief Secretary Jalal Sikander Raja ordered to collect government vehicles under use of Minister and Advisers in perspective of upcoming AJK General Elections.

According to notification Until new formation of new Cabinet these vehicles cannot be allotted to any government officer or any department.

It is described clearly in notification that all vehicles are supposed to parked in Block 11 or Chather Basement and Planning & Development Secretary is responsible to Arrange Safety and Security for these vehicles.

About 100 Luxury Vehicles are under use of AJK Ministers, Advisers and officers on discretionary posts. Today notification is issued and almost all vehicles are in Kotli District for PPP Procession to welcome Party Leader.

While about 12 vehicles of Azad Kashmir Goverment are in use of PPP Central Command members in Sindh, Islamabad and Punjab.

Few members also claimed that their vehicles are theft and until now they are not found.

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