Electricity departments line man passed away after getting electrocuted on duty

Kotli, local worker who was loved by everyone Abdul Qayum, also known as “Lala” passed away after getting electrocuted.

His children were in a state of shock, daughters were crying, and is old father was just sitting there helplessly.
His extended family and friends were also present, who were equally devastated.

According to details, yesterday, around 3pm line man Abdul Qayum was working on a complaint, when he got electrocuted. His coworkers were also working in the area, but they were at a distance so did not notice the incident for some time.

After an hour, a local woman saw a man has fallen face down and called men from the area to help him. The entire community gathered, and took him to DHQ Kotli.

Sadly he has already passed away, and the news of his death spread like wildfire in the area.
His body was taken to his hometown for his final prayers.

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