LA 06 Samhani Election Results 2011

Elections held in On Sunday, June 26, 2011, in LA-06 Samhani Constituency of Bhimber District, Azad Kashmir. Below is the detail of Voters and Results of LA 06 Bhimber 2 Constituency of District Bhimber AJK General Election Results 2011.

Constituency Name Male Voters Female Voters Total Registered Voters
LA-VI, BHIMBER – II (LA-06 Samhani) 41307 38751 80058
Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner Total Votes
Ch Ali Shaan Soni 31662 Independent Ch Ali Shaan Soni 80058
Raja Muhammad Razaq LA-06 Samhani Raja Muhammad Razaq 18465 PMLN  
Ch Muhammad Razaq LA-06 Samhani Ch Muhammad Razaq 7319 PPP  
Raja Imran Asghar LA-06 Samhani Raja Imran Asghar 56 Independent  
Raja Ali Shan LA-06 Samhani Raja Ali Shan 29 MQM  
Ch Waheed Akram LA-06 Samhani Ch Waheed Akram 9 Independent  

Bhimber District Election Results 2011