Neelum District Election Results 2016

Names of Constituencies Male Female Total
Neelum District 52,479 44,105 96,584
LA-XXIII, NEELUM –I (LA-23 Neelum) 52,479 44,105 96,584
Party Name Seats Win

Final Results of LA-23 Neelum AJK Elections 2016

Candidates Picture Candidate Name Votes Obain Party Winner
Shah Ghulam Qadir 40010 PMLN Shah Ghulam Qadir LA-23 Neelum
Abdul Waheed LA-23 Neelum Abdul Waheed 18675 PPP  
Ikhlaq ur Rasool LA-23 Neelum Ikhlaq ur Rasool 4791 PTI  
Mansoor-ur-Rehman LA-23 Neelum Mansoor-ur-Rehman 4712 MC  
Qazi Ghulam Sarvar LA-23 Neelum Qazi Ghulam Sarvar 247  
Mian Muhammad Asif LA-23 Neelum Mian Muhammad Asif 191 Independent  

Azad Kashmir Elections Results 2016